Join Our Project

Increasing hunger awareness in Manhattan will require input from many different people and organizations in the community.

Are you a good writer?
Great!  We are currently looking for writers who can give a voice to the stories of hunger in our community.   If you are interested in writing a story, email Lori at and let her know that you’d like to write a short story for the project.

Do you have a story to tell?
If you have a story to tell about hunger, we want to help.  If you are experiencing hunger now, here is a list of resources you could use.  We want others who have not experienced it to better understand the impact and be motivated to make a change in our community.  Stories can be anonymous to the general public and are developed by a writer after they have gotten to personally know you.  If you are interested, contact Lori at and let her know that you have a story to tell.

Would you like to support the Project?
Much of the effort that goes into the project is volunteer work, but hosting a website, printing books, and organizing events all have their associated costs.  If you would like to help with these you can donate through our website (coming soon!) or send checks to the address below.  Any amount, be it $1 or $20, helps us to continue the Project.

Facing Manhattan Hunger
C/O Lori Kniffin
223 Leadership Studies Building
Manhattan, KS 66506

Would your organization like to become a partner?
We are looking for organizations to partner with and would love to team up with you!  Let us know who you are by emailing